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The Right Plants That Your Landscape Gardeners Should Get For You

The Right Plants That Your Landscape Gardeners Should Get For You


If you want a landscape that you would be able to maintain, then you should allow your landscape gardeners to place a convenient turf or even plants on that part of your home. These things would only require a little amount of water even during the summer season.


Now, according to the research that other landscape gardeners have conducted, you should only opt for Kikuyu and Couch if you have a lot of time in your hands to mown your lawn. These plants would only be able to look exactly like the first day that you bought them if don’t get to grow so tall. They are also required to be mown under more specific conditions so they would never have to look out of place in your landscape.


On top of that, these plants tend to acquire several weeds over time. Pre-emergent substances don’t work on them that well.


On the other hand, if you want to save yourself from all the trouble, then you would need to ask your landscaping contractor to provide your landscape with Empire Zoysia and Palmetto Buffalo instead. These plants belong to the low maintenance category and you would only need to mow them on an occasional basis.


Moreover, they won’t be needing a lot of fertilizer from you. These plants can still look good even if you forget to put their weekly or monthly dose of that substance.


As for their water requirement, the Empire Zoysia can even live all throughout the drought season. However, this may not be case with the Palmetto Buffalo since it would still need a small amount of water to survive.


Weeds are not a problem in both plants as long you place a lot of Empire and Buffalo in your landscape.


Overall, just make sure that your landscape gardeners get to acquire grasses and plants which belong to the warm season category. Have them look among native options as well. Stay away from cool season plants such as the Rye grass and Fescues. Avoid buying plants that are exotic in nature too.


Following all of these tips would certainly allow you to save on both your water and gardening bills.